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Each space has a story. Design Therapy brings it to life.

Design Therapy is an interior design agency based in Stockholm, offering creative and high quality interior design solutions, home staging and construction. We also design and manufacture our own signature pieces to order.

To us, interior design is what makes a property feel real and alive. It is so much more than just a pretty surface, it is a holistic experience where furnishings say something about you or your business, what places you have travelled to and what values you have. Consequently, our understanding of our client’s background, need and desires are vital to all of our projects.

With life experience, knowledge of human behavior and intuition as our tools, we always do our very best to find that true insight that we need to visualize your unique universe. To enable this we utilize our vast network of professionals, working in expandable expert teams specifically put together for each particular project.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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